The website is not displaying properly, or parts seem to be missing

With so many browsers and browser version, operating systems and screen resolutions it is not been feasible to test the website against all possible combinations. Please check the About page to check that you JavaScrip turned on to allow some of the dynamic page features to be seen. However, if you have a problem then please let us know using the Contact form and provide details of what browser and browser version you are using, what operating system you have and what screen resolution. If you take the time to report the problem then we have an opportunity to fix it.

Why do some links not work?

We have tried to ensure links to external sites are to sites that are reliable. Links to some art galleries seem to go off-line for short periods while they are being updated. If you find a broken link then please report it to us using the Contact form and we will have the link corrected or removed.

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