This area is divided into the categories shown above (click on any button to navigate to the desired category). TheRick's mark used only between 1975 and c1980 majority of Rick's work is unmarked but the mark to the right was used between 1975 - c1980.



Cube 1968 Cube 1968
Slab-built crank clay. Stoneware-fired.

85 x 93 x 93

Collection of the Artist. The first ceramic work created by Rick.
Baby Gorilla Box Baby Gorilla Box 1972
Hand-built grogged clay. Stoneware-fired, stained slips and oxides outside, brown/black glaze inside.

82 x 105 x 84

Private collection.
Box 1981 Box 1981
Pinched HGB clay. Raku-fired black glaze under gold lustre outside, black glaze inside.

135 x 150 diameter.

Collection of the artist.
Box 1991  Box 1991
Pinched, grogged SC80 clay. Raku-fired clear glaze outside, black glaze inside.

68 x 110 x 105

Collection of Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare O Rehua, Whanganui.
Box 1984  Box 1994
Pinched HGB clay. Multi-fired black glaze under blue and black crawl glazes. Made in two parts and assembled after firing

260 x 90 x 80.

Collection of the Artist. 
Box 2002 Box 2002
Pinched and coiled terracotta clay, earthenware-fired. Metallic and shinny black glazes

90 x 120 x 80.

Collection of the Artist. 


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